Fixing Up The Bedroom

We are starting with new bedroom furniture.  I asked for the walls to be painted a lighter color, up from the medium taupe to perhaps a Vanilla White.  What I am getting first is new bedroom furniture, the new standard gray, up from the traditional dark wood Bassett (read, well made). Hubby likes to do things in a big way.

We ordered in January, based on online photos, after visiting a couple of furniture show rooms.  Hubby is a buyer, not a shopper, so the fact that he even looked a little bit is amazing.

Mid-March was given as the anticipated delivery date. OK, plenty of time to make a plan for moving the old furniture to a new owner. Right?  No problem?  Not when you are married to a driver personality.  The existing furniture had to go, and it had to go now.  For a couple of weeks I stalled. Then the pressure and irritation went into overload and I called St. Vincent de Paul on Tuesday and Thursday they picked up.  The furniture needed to be left at the end of the driveway so the workers could easily move it into the truck. Getting the items out of the bedroom was a challenge – dresser, chest-on chest, cheval glass mirror, two bedside chests (larger than a standard nightstand), and the California King bed with headboard and foot board.  We moved everything from the bedroom to the garage Wednesday afternoon, then rolled it down the driveway on Thursday morning.  Did we ask for help? No. Did we call some of our much younger and stronger neighbors?  NO! It wasn’t pretty, but it got done. Note: driver personalities do not like to ask for help.

Meanwhile, we needed a new place to sleep and put all the clothes that had been in the drawers. Cute, huh? Luckily, we have a guest room with a queen size bed and a mattress that all our guests tell us is wonderful.  The dresser drawers already were filled with “stuff’ – extra tablecloths for outdoor events, nick-naks, photos – that was relocated, and somehow we put most of our everyday items into the newly empty drawers.  This bedroom is on the other side of the house from the master bedroom and bath, but, well, we would work that out.  All was well and we went to bed.

Yes we went to bed but we did not go to sleep.  Was the mattress too firm? Were the sheets not right? Was there street noise and too much light?  All we know is that we tossed and turned and made ourselves miserable.  Plan B.  What plan B?  There wasn’t a plan B.  OK, another room has 2 twin beds. The next night we slept there and did much better. Still there were challenges. The beds were jammed against opposite walls with a small three-drawer chest in between. On top of that chest we needed to put a lamp, clock-radio, phone, facial tissue, an two CPAP machines. God bless power strips!

And that was how we had been sleeping for 3 weeks. Reasonably comfortable. Figured out who was going to put their underwear where. More street noise in our fairly quiet neighborhood because we live on a through street to another community. Street lights, blocked by the location of the master bedroom and blackout drapes, stared into the room.  The most fun was making the beds because they need to be pulled away from the wall to be made. Blessedly, I can deal with “making do” for a while. 

Today was Plan C.  Hubby wanted to be able to get around the sides of the beds, making it easier to spread the covers and blankets. The three-drawer chest was moved to the end of the bed, and a TV tray put between the beds.  It fits the two CPAP machines and the phone.  The clock radio and lamp are on the three-drawer dresser, a foot away from the end of one of the beds.  I think the tissue box is on the floor. 

We will see how it works.  When I host Mah Jongg the TV tray items will move temporarily so we can use it to hold beverages and snacks for players.

Plan D. Who would have thought there needed to be a plan D? Both beds are on rollers and apparently any tossing or turning makes each bed roll because when we woke up the beds were at angles they were not at when we went to sleep.  The wheels have locks which seem to not have been used in recent history. Maybe non-skid pads under the wheels? Hubby’s problem.  

Meanwhile, the new possible furniture delivery date is April.

Any furniture stories you want to share?  Do tell.

Every Day Is A Good Day


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