Keys – Lost Again

Just about everyone, at some point in life, misplaces their keys – house keys, car keys, office keys, etc. Those keys may be lost for a short time, or long time, or forever, and searching for them is maddening, especially when they are found either right under your nose, or in such an unlikely place you have no idea how they got there.

It was 7 a.m. Monday and hubby needed to leave the house to do some volunteer work. He woke me up saying, “Honey, where are your keys? I can’t find mine.” Groggily, I reminded him where my keys were, he told me he was taking my set of keys to his car, and off he went. Later he called to thank me and ask me to start looking. We remembered the last time we had them was Sunday after church. I started a room-by-room search. You know the drill: sofa pillows and seats, mixed up in the bed covers, pocket of the last jacket he wore, behind, over, under, everywhere. No keys.  I went to the stores I remembered us going to on Sunday, and even checked with the church office.  No keys.

When hubby came home, we went over it again, Nothing. Back home we each searched again. Nothing.  Looked all over the den, and bedroom, and kitchen, and cars. Keys nowhere to be found. It is scarey to not know who has the keys to your house, car, and other items. Then, to put just a little more anxiety into the situation, we left for a ten-day tour to Alaska, not knowing whether the keys were misplaced, or in the hands of the wrong person.

While I made a sincere effort to relax and tell myself that all would be OK, still, in the back of my mind, was the idea that someone had the keys and that someone knew where we lived.  The house is alarmed, but still it takes long enough for someone to arrive after an alarm goes off that major damage can be done.

Once home, the house still in one piece, we put together a new set of keys, letting hubby continue to use my key fob to his car because those things are expensive, and we still held hope that the keys would be found.  We searched again, even moving the dryer, dressers, and other large objects in case the keys had fallen on the floor and the cats had played with them, batting them under something. 

That evening we once again went over what we had done on the Sunday we last had the keys.  We had visited all of the stores we remembered visiting.  Then hubby remembered that the car had been in the driveway and he had gone out to put it in the garage before going to bed.  He had put on his robe to do that. Sheepishly he headed to the hook on the back of the bathroom door, felt in the pocket of his robe, and TA-DA! There were the keys, resting in a nice, soft, rob pocket.

Well, that would have been enough. Right?  No, two days later hubby took a nap on the den sofa (one of its best features is that it is a nice nap place). Some time after he got up, he realized that one of his hearing aids was missing. Oh no, not again! Same drill.  Thoroughly check the sofa, then look all over the house.  We have three cats and cats love to play with hearing aids. We picked up the sofa and love seat, nothing underneath. We checked under the refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, beds, dressers, and everyplace else we thought they might have been batted by a cat, or accidently kicked by us. 

Hubby used his old set of hearing aids and we both had a feeling we would find the current set. A couple of days later one of our cats was reaching under the love seat.  You know, the one we had picked up and looked under already. Our first though was that Boots had batted his favorite toy under so we picked up the love seat and there was his toy, where it had not been a couple of days before, and a few inches away was a hearing aid, where it had not been a few days before.

None the worse for wear, the hearing aid was cleaned and got new batteries and worked just fine.  Boots got to play with his favorite toy for a while before batting it again under something.

Oh, and the keys. Hubby now has one of those Tile squares attached to his keys.  We know it works because yesterday he forgot where he left them and used the Tile app to set off the alarm on the Tile. 

And what have you lost?  Then found?

Every Day Is A Good Day. VJ

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