Seasoned Pepper Anyone?

A package is missing and it is missing from my front porch, or we think it is missing from my front porch. We aren’t sure what has happened. Every other thing arrived. Packages from Connecticut, Florida, New Mexico, Missouri, New York, New Hampshire, and northern California – no problem. Shoes, tunics, chocolate, a jacket, a bracelet, a First Christmas ornament, a large glass dispenser, a cross body bag, lavender salve, and a canvas messenger bag arrived safely even when some were left on the porch overnight.

What is missing? Three 7 oz. bottles of seasoned pepper. That’s it. Seasoned pepper. Toby Keith Seasoned Pepper. You can only get it at one of his I Love This Bar And Grill restaurants or by mail from his fan club web site. I like Toby’s seasoned pepper. Lots of flavors – pepper, garlic, rosemary, and many others – all finely ground so it mixes in easily. Just $5 a bottle.

My friend Kate went to Las Vegas and I asked her to buy 3 bottles for me if she went to the I Love This Bar and Grill in Harrah’s. She did. Then, concerned that it might be a while before we met up somewhere in the 45 miles that separate the towns we live in she mailed the pepper in a fast ship package. It was due here 1 week ago. It hasn’t arrived.

Kate checked with the shipper and they are not sure where the package is located as the bar coding information at one point says it was delivered, and at another point indicates that it might have been delivered to the wrong house. They are looking for it.

Was it stolen? Is it lost? Is someone else enjoying my favorite seasoned pepper. Maybe. Maybe not.

Well, on the funny side, if someone did take the package from my porch thinking it was something fancy, they got a bit of a cheap surprise.

Meanwhile, on the neighborhood website I have post an alert. If any of your neighbors mention a wonderful new seasoned pepper they just “found” please let me and the Police Department know.

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