A very lucky Friday the 13th for me.

It has been a very lucky Friday the 13th for me.

I stopped at Office Depot for something else and saw that they had the 1 dozen, multicolor Sharpie sets in either fine, or ultra-fine tips at just $5. That is less than half price. I just love Sharpies. Those will go into my Christmas stocking from “Santa”.

At JoAnn’s Fabrics I saw the perfect Christmas ornament for a Toby Keith Fan Club ornament exchange and they had just enough on display and at half off. I like to make the ornaments I send in the exchange but these are just perfect. Maybe I will add “Toby” to the cowboy hat. I had a 50% off coupon but I’m saving that for the new bedroom curtains since I’ll need 9 yards or so of upholstery fabric.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond had soap and lotion decanters in a set and labeled “Soap” and “Lotion” in the style I wanted. I could find a lot of decanters but few of them were labeled and none of those that were part of a set had both soap and lotion. Of course I had my 20% off coupon too.

When I got to Costco I thought it was Christmas Eve because there was very little parking available and the store was very crowded. I picked up a deli order and got in line. Right in front of me was Margie, the daughter of a former co-worker and a very “crafty” woman. I’d ordered an item from her for a friend and had on my “to do” list to call her to find when it would be ready. As soon as she saw me she told me I would have the item soon. The meeting also gave me the chance to invite her, her Mom, and the “bingo gals” her Mom and I know from church to our holiday open house.

But, best of all was when I got home and started unloading the car. As I walked into the house the clock was chiming 2 p.m. and I remembered that the housekeeper was due at 2 p.m. I’d completely forgotten, and just then I heard the door open and his voice say “Hello Miss Victoria”. Perfect timing, right?

Tonight we are going to a benefit for From Maddi’s Closet. I’ve got some raffle tickets and there will be a lot of silent and voice auction items.

Every Day Is A Good Day.  VJ

Later that evening.  I went home with a beautiful basket of Don Francisco Coffee products AND the Grand Prize.  Yes, in 2015 Friday the 13th was a very lucky day for me.  VJ

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