Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  We don’t have a set of traditions, but do play a little cat and mouse game as to which one of us manages to get our anniversary card to the other earliest in the day.  This year I won.  Hubby had his anniversary card from me sitting on his computer keyboard when he got up at 4 a.m. to do some insomnia-curing work.

Long ago we got over the need to do very special things on our anniversary although we started out well on our first.  Dinner at The Tower Restaurant high above downtown Los Angeles in a private dining room.  But for our second anniversary I needed to conduct an election in a chapter of an organization where I was an area leader.  Nice early dinner and then we rushed off to the meeting.  For some years we were able to get away for a weekend but when we were both working in Elections – City and County – our anniversary date was so close to the date of the election, and we were working long hours, that we were happy for a simple dinner around 9 p.m. and something special over a weekend.

A couple of years ago hubby had phone and computer meetings all afternoon and early evening.  It was a busy time for him as he had assumed leadership of a large volunteer organization and was filling staff positions and coordinating details of a conference.  No problem.  Takeout from a local Chinese worked well.

Yesterday was somewhere in-between.  Slept in a little, dressed up and left home around noon.  Spent the afternoon with my 102 year-old mother visiting, grocery shopping, and arranging for a refrigerator repair.  We had a very nice early dinner at Think Prime in San Pedro and then off to hear a speaker for an organization with which hubby is working.

I know some people make a huge fuss over anniversaries.  That just isn’t us.  What about you?

Have a Good Day, Every Day.  VJ

One thought on “Anniversaries

  1. The time spent in between those anniversaries is what is important & keeps those anniversaries coming around. Happy Belated Day & many many more.


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