When You’ve Finally Decided To Take Action

I’ve thought about it for years.  I’m a halfway decent writer.  Very good with manuals and orders and directions.  Pretty good at posting to forums and Facebook.  I can write articles for newsletters and similar that seem humorous.  I’ve never tried romance or sci-fi or drama.  Somehow a Blog just seemed to fit right in.  I’ve even written articles to include in the blog.  Then I got stuck S. T. U. C. K.!  What in the world would I call my Blog. Incredibly stuck as though I would never be able to change it and there would be huge billboards on the roadsides with large letters proclaiming, “Did you read the silly name on her Blog?  What was she thinking?”.  Well, that and a few family situations, and being overly committed to a variety of organizations.

Yet, today, on the way to the car wash, I was thinking that I would be writing mostly every day life.  Ordinary every day life. And then it came to me, “Everyday with VJ”. VJ are my initials.  So there it was, simple, easy, not overly committed to any one theme.  And so here it is.  My first blog post.  Well, there was the matter of looking at the blog of my friend Vikki Lynn Smith to see what platform she used, and then filling out the blanks at WordPress and overcoming a few seconds of slight terror. Then I hit the button, got a confirmation, and here it is.

Isn’t that the way many things are?  They seem so overwhelming when looked at from a distance, then when you get closer and see the pieces and begin to take the steps, it isn’t so totally all at once overwhelming.

What have you been putting off?  Make a list of the top 3.  Then list the first 3 things you need to do for each one.  It won’t seem so overwhelming.

Have a Good Day Every Day with VJ.

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