Some Days Are Just That Way

On a recent day I met the nicest people.  Some days are just that way.

I’d purchased a LARGE liquid detergent at Costco and when I opened the door to put it in the cabinet realized that I had a full container in waiting. Back to Costco the next day to return it. It was a busy day and I had to park way at the end of an aisle, away from the store. As I started lugging my large, heavy container towards the store a woman who had just unloaded her cart yelled, “would you like a cart for that?”. Well, yes, I would. Thanks. I thought to myself that sometimes just the smallest of gestures can give someone a lift.

Once outside the Costco entrance for returns I put the cart with the other empty carts and carried my detergent inside. That line always moves fast and today only one person was ahead of me. It won’t take long I thought. I was wrong. Somehow, there was only one clerk, and she had a challenging customer. As I waited, I heard a voice behind me, “That looks heavy. Put it in my cart until you get called up.” The woman behind me. It was a relief not to have to hold that heavy bottle. (Is bottle the right word? Is there a special work for the large liquid detergents? Jug doesn’t seem appropriate. Well, back to the story.)

In the several minutes we waited and chatted (yes, I often talk to strangers) I learned about Proctor and Gamble sample packs, their waterless detergent paper strips, and that the sample included a shampoo that didn’t quite work on her curly hair; her name; and where she lives. She left with an invitation to visit my womens club and my card. I hope she calls.

Behind her was I saw the woman who was the caregiver and assistant for a beloved retired member of the clergy at my church. He died not too long ago, and it has been a difficult time for her. It was good to see her out and we talked a bit.

After Costco I picked up flyers for a fundraiser Boutique on the 20th from University Printing in La Habra. I told the owner what the event was, and he asked if he could have one to put in his window, and some to put on the counter. Oh, well yes. Thank you. Lovely people who support community events.

And then I got my nails done. I gave Tina a flyer for the boutique and asked her to mention it to her clients. She asked for more to put on the reception counter at the salon.

Such a lovely day of people being nice and helpful, often to a stranger. Nothing spectacular. Nothing over the top. Ordinary stuff. And it does make a difference.

I guess you never think about it, or know what happened, but perhaps just holding a door for someone and smiling might be the kindest thing that happened to them that day. Let’s keep that in mind.

Every Day Is A Good Day.  VJ

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