Whisper, Where Are You Whisper?

Whisper, our 2 ½ year old mostly black cat, was due at the veterinary clinic this morning at 7:15 a.m. for her annual Wellness Check. My first mistake was agreeing to such an early time, but my husband is usually an early riser and he is the one who fusses over the four cats, so it was good.

Of all four cats, Whisper is the most difficult cat to pick up. Like the other three she is feral, and it took months to even get her to let me pet her and scratch around her face and neck. Once though I did that, she loved it and every morning as I sit at my desk looking at email and catching up on the overnight news, she is on the desk on  my right side wanting her scratches. But, picking her up can result in scratches and it needs to be thought out any time she is going into her carrier.

Last night we got her carrier out and decided to put it in the office. Then in the morning, when hubby was up and in the office she would naturally go in there to see what was going on. The office has 3 windows that bow out, and a nice ledge where the printers sit, and is a favorite look-see for Whisper. The plan was to be in the office, with the carrier, minding hubby’s own business and when Whisper came in and sat on the ledge he would quickly get up, grab her, and swiftly put her in the carrier and shut the door. It has worked in the past and should have worked again.

Should is such a nice thought, but alas, often bears no resemblance to reality. My sweet hubby saw that I was still sleeping so he got up, dressed, ate, and around 6:30 a.m. headed to our home office. Dutifully, Whisper followed and jumped up on the counter to look outside. This was the AH-HA moment.

Not really. Hubby had decided that it would be easier to pick up Whisper and put her in the carrier if the carrier was at about the same height as it would be sitting on the counter. Good thought. Unfortunately he chose to put the carrier in a desk chair. A desk chair with rollers. He also didn’t think to close the door to the office because he was so sure everything would go well.

Hubby grabbed Whisper, turned around and got her to the edge of the carrier where she put up a fuss, shoved out her front paws, and managed to push the carrier, in the chair, which was on wheels, across the room. Hubby, thinking he had her going safely into the carrier had started to let go at the same time.

Remember, the office door is open. 6:45 a.m. hubby wakes me up. “I need help. Whisper got away”. What a delightful way to awaken!

I’m the analytical, organizer, process person when it comes to getting the cats into their carriers. Hubby is the driver, fluid, whatever-works, make a fuss person. Hubby is going from room to room looking for Whisper, calling her name, and sending the three other cats into hiding, while I go from room to room closing doors.

The hunt began. Under a bed? No. Behind a nightstand? No. In the closet? No. Under the sofa? No. Behind the china cabinet? No.  We looked and looked. It was past 7:15 a.m.  Hubby called the clinic, but they don’t open their phone lines until 8:00 a.m. so he drove down there, went in, waited in the 6-ft. apart socially distanced line along with others who had very early appointments. He got to the desk to explain, apologize for being late and not having the cat there, and set a new appointment. After he explained he received a nice smile from the Clerk and was told that he was not late, he was 24 hours early! The appointment is tomorrow.

It is now two hours later. Two of the cats came out of hiding and we found another in a tiny corner of a storage closet. But Whisper is nowhere to be seen. Hubby keeps trying and calling her name. Me? I’m sharing the story and having another cup of coffee. Whisper will come out of hiding when Whisper is good and ready to come out of hiding and not a minute sooner. Right, cat people?

Every Day Is A God Day – VJ

P.S. – 2 1/2 hours after the “incident” Whisper decided to eat and is now sitting in the office window along with Diamond, watching birds in the back yard. All is well.

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