Does It Fit? That Is The Real Question.

So, how did you do with the gifts you gave at Christmas or Hanukkah, or ???

Me? I’m batting 50-50.  The Bombas socks were just what he wanted, and he loved the tie that was in his stocking and the little screwdriver thingy that they advertised on TV.  Those make up the 50% good.  Shirts though were at big, fat, ZERO.

A month or so ago I bought one of the Chamois shirts Costco was featuring online.  I debated about size since hubby had lost some weight, could get into trousers that were a couple of inches smaller, and might now be a Large instead of an Extra Large. In the end though I thought of the shirt as much a light weight jacket over a shirt as a shirt itself and stuck with Extra Large.

On the 22nd, walking about Macy’s I found some very nice plaid heavy flannel shirts.  Hubby seems to feel the cold more than in the past and the shirts were a good quality and good buy.  Buying two in Large, in colors that suited him, made me very pleased with myself.  Into boxes went all the shirts.

Christmas Day, when I could finally get him to settle down for a bit he opened first the Costco shirt.  Taking one look at the tag he declared that it would be too big.  Taking the high road I replied that he had done so well on his food program that I knew I would need to exchange it. So far, pretty good.

Then he opened the flannel shirts and loved the colors. They were a Large.  Super! Doesn’t that make you feel good when someone reacts with joy, or a smile, or something positive when they see a gift you’ve given?  The first shirt was taken out, unbuttoned, and put on.  Uh-oh . . . . . . it wouldn’t button, not by several inches.  Well this was embarrassing for both of us.  I’d gotten the wrong size on all of the shirts, and he hadn’t lost as many inches as he thought he had lost based on being able to get into trousers that were several inches smaller in the waistband.  Humbly, he decided to put on the Costco shirt. Being an Extra Large shirt I was sure it would be fine, but sadly it also was an inch or so too small.

Last night I looked at the Costco website and read the reviews on the shirt.  If you put it in the dryer it shrinks a bit. Well, that isn’t good.

So, hubby has no new warm shirts. The Costco shirt doesn’t come any larger, and I just need to hope that the Macy’s shirt is still available in Extra Large.  I’ll look online.  Keep your fingers crossed.

How did you do in the gift department?

Every Day Is A Good Day.  VJ

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