Dry Eyes, No Makeup, and Sunglasses

It started in 2008 in Orlando at the Omni Hotel.  At the time I wore just 1 contact lens.  Looking down to read a book it felt as though something was stabbing my eye.  If I looked straight ahead it was OK.  Then, a couple of days later my eye began to itch all the time.  Once home I went to my regular Optometrist who looked and said that nothing was wrong, my eyes were just dry.

It continued, and I went to another Optometrist who was part of my health plan.  She advised drops several times a day.  Finally, I was referred to the Ophthalmologist who told me that my eyes were dry.  Well I’d already been told that and told him there must be something else wrong for it to feel like something was stabbing my eye.  He looked at me with that “my patient is an idiot” look that medical professionals use, then took out a notepad and drew a diagram of my eye and how the top part shrinks when it is dry, and the layer below sticks up rubbing against my eyelid every time I blink. OH!  Duh, well why didn’t someone bother to go into that detail.

Eye drops in the morning, mid-day, and night.  It was pretty good for some years but a couple of years ago it started to get much worse, especially my right eye.  Waterproof mascara was required.  I always had tissue in my hand.  Dark sunglasses.  Some days good and some days I might as well have not put on any makeup at all.

I did discover that when I used the “new and improved” eyedrops my eyes teared all day.  Must be the preservative in them, so I switched to a preservative free product.  I’ve used different face creams, different makeup, and hoped for the best.

Some days are just awful and then some days are pretty good. On Saturday we went to the Orange County Fair.  I wore a wide brimmed hat and wrap around sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses.  A few tears but not too many.  Sadly though, the sides of the wraparounds gave me an instant headache. Rats!  But, I thought I was on to something and on Sunday when I had a very nice event to attend and was on the setup committee I wore several colors of eye shadow, carefully blended, with put on my hat and sunglasses on even in the car.  On the way there things were OK. Once inside the venue it was a different story.  My eyes began to tear.  There was so much tearing that when I put my head down the inside of my glasses were instantly wet with tears.  In frustration I went to the bathroom and wiped off all the eyeshadow and liner.  So much for that effort with the makeup.  The storm of tears stopped but my eyes still sprinkled all day.

Now I’m determined to figure out why some days my eyes tear far more than others, even when I use a lot of eye drops.  Mascara only. No shadow.  Aloe Vera cream, no specialized face or eye cream. No foundation, powder blush only.  Then, adding just 1 other product each day I hope to find a product that is causing a problem.  So far my powder foundation seems to be OK.

I hope this works. If it doesn’t work you will always be able to spot me in large wide-brim hat and wrap around dark glasses, holding a tissue to my right eye.

On the upside, maybe people will think I’m someone famous trying not to be noticed.  I’ll practice giving out illegible autographs and acting sneaky.  Think it will work?

And you?  Any dry-eye people out there?

Every Day Is A Good Day.  VJ

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