My Fit-Bit Says I’m A Bit Fit.

Hubby gave me a Fit-Bit for my birthday and that was what I had asked for.  My watch was looking pretty sad and I knew I needed more motivation to be active, so I asked for a Fit-Bit.  Of course I had to go and look for it and choose which one I wanted and let him know; his job was to go to that store, buy what I had selected and put it in a gift bag with a card.  Sound familiar?

My first few days wearing the Fit Bit made me feel great.  Day 1 I was given the Fit-Bit around 9 a.m. and by 11 a.m. was wearing it and had it programmed to my computer and smart phone.  By the end of the day I had over 4,000 steps logged.  Not the goal of 10,000 a day, but not bad for day 1.  The next 2 days I logged 6,500 and over 8,000, baking, shopping, laundry, etc.  Active days!

Then came Sunday.  I got up, went to church, and sat for an hour.  Then to a lecture where, although I was part of the team putting out refreshments, I had little activity.  Then home to watch a Raiders game.  What a deflated ego.  I’d barely made it to 3,500.  Hmmm, that 10,000 steps a day was going to take work.

Now it has been a couple of months and I’ve had active days and not so active days.  At times I am surprised at the number of steps while at other times I’m surprised that I haven’t taken more steps for the level of perceived activity.  I’ve discovered that baking and cooking doesn’t use up a lot of steps even though I may have been quite busy.  My arms may be moving a lot and I’m bending a bit to get things in and out of the oven, but the 3 steps from one side of the kitchen to the other side of the kitchen just doesn’t add up to thousands of steps.  Here and there I get over 8,000, but so far, not quite 10,000.

On the other hand, my Fit-Bit, if I wear it all night, logs the amount of time I sleep and how many times I am restless.  Boy oh boy, I am a restless sleeper and I sleep less than I thought. No wonder I’m tired.

Still, this small item on my wrist reminds me to move by buzzing me if an hour has gone by without activity, and notes my pulse rate (which surprisingly becomes lowest when I’m driving).  While I’m not happy that I’m not as active as I had hoped I would be, I am more active than what I feared the Fit Bit would show.

Got to go, my Fit Bit is buzzing.

Any others out there with Fit Bit types of watches?

What is your experience?

Every Day Is A Good Day.  Vj

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