I Know They Are Here – Somewhere

I never misplace my glasses yet here I was, hopelessly without my glasses. The three places I leave my glasses are on my bedroom dresser at night, next to the keyboard on my desk, or in my purse. That is it. My mom was the queen of “glasses, glasses, where are my glasses?” It drove me nuts. So I became quite good at being careful about where I put my glasses.

Nevertheless, yesterday afternoon I could not find my glasses. Not on the dresser, or desk, or in my purse. I’d worked in different rooms and remembered that I had tucked them over the V-neck of my T-shirt while doing a small, close-up painting project. I looked and looked. No luck. None of my usual tricks for finding things worked: when did I last remember having them; what had I done where I’d needed them on – or off; did I put them in my purse. Nothing worked.

If you misplace a cellphone you can call it and listen for the ring. Glasses don’t make noise. Well they do if you drop them, don’t see them, and step on them but that is a blog I do hope I don’t have to write.

I hated to have to do it. I called in the troops. “Honey, have you seen my glasses?  I can’t find them anywhere.” Why do I hate to do that?  When I’ve misplaced something hubby turns from his Driver, Damn The Torpedoes – Full Speed Ahead, normal personality into Mr. Methodical and starts with the questions – when did you last see them? where have you been? did you look this place and that?  I’d already retraced my steps several times so I sat back and watched him look, both hoping he would find them, and a little self-justified when he didn’t.

Yet, something started churning in my brain. I’d kept those glasses tucked into the V of my T-shirt. Maybe they had just dropped out. Ah, a whole new search area. Inside drawers, laundry bins, the boxes where I store the homemade jams, file cabinets. Still no luck. I even looked in the refrigerator because I had put heavy plastic shelf liner into the meat bin.

Then the brain clicked in. I’d taken something out of the freezer. The freezer on the bottom of the refrigerator. Sliding open the large freezer drawer I discovered frozen glasses snuggled nicely over a large bag of frozen vegetables. They gave me an icy stare! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) I picked them up gently and set them on a towel to come to room temperature, later gingerly cleaning them and putting them on. Ah, all is well.

Today I have not let them out of my sight!

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