“Can you use this for the event?” Ginny asked. It was one of those 6 qt. glass dispensers with the domed glass lid, sitting on a 3-legged metal base. We were having lemonade at the fundraiser and Ginny’s glass dispenser would look lovely on the beverage table.

Enthusiastically I said “yes” and it went into the trunk of my car, safely tucked into its box, along with raffle items and other things. At home I began unpacking the car and, I still don’t know how it happened, but CRASH! The lid to the dispenser had fallen on the garage floor and was smashed to pieces. Rats! How could I be so careless, so clumsy, so . . . . . . . whatever? I was upset. Now, I would need to add to my very long TO DO list, “Buy a new lid for Ginny’s dispenser”.

I cleaned up the glass and got the remaining items safely into the house. That evening I began looking for a new lid and continued for a couple of days, hoping to be able to replace the lid without Ginny knowing what a klutz I was. What a hopeless search. I couldn’t even find the dispenser, let alone a replacement lid. I looked at websites for Macy’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Crate and Barrel, Penny’s, and a number of other outlets including restaurant supply houses. None of them carried replacement lids and only a couple had a similar dispenser, but with a different capacity and shape.

I tried a general internet search finding the exact item, used, on e-Bay for just $20, but the estimated shipping was $30. Then I tried Overstock. I looked and looked and found what I thought was the perfect item. It sure looked the same although it didn’t have specific measurements about the size of the lid opening. It was $30, the shipping was very low, and it would arrive in a few days. In went the order. Whew, I was a happy gal. A few days later, just when I thought the package would arrive I received an email saying the package had been delivered. Checking the front door area no package was found. Then I got an interesting email from a pediatric cancer charity I support, Ally’s House in Moore, OK. Lori asked me why I sent them a glass dispenser. It had just arrived and they had to call Overstock to see who had ordered it. What the heck? After checking the web site and confirming that I had indeed checked “Ally’s House” as the delivery address I realized that the last time I’d purchased something from Overstock I was being a Christmas Elf for one of the children they assist. I’d missed the spot where I was to check the delivery address. Lori did confirm that the size of the opening was just right, and then offered to send the dispenser to me but I told her to keep it and not go through the hassle, giving them the OK to use it or to gift it or raffle it. I know they use their funds wisely.

Back to the Overstock website to order another dispenser and double check that my house was the delivery location. A new order and a new wait, but the event was still almost 2 weeks away. About 4 days later I got the email from UPS that the item had been delivered the day before. What? I didn’t have it. Oh please, do not tell me that there has been another error. I got up from my desk and went to the door. There was the box, in front of my door, where it had been sitting since about 5 p.m. the day before. I guess we just didn’t hear the doorbell.

Now, I know you are thinking that I’m going to tell you that the lid fit, the event went off without a hitch and Ginny got her dispenser back, with a lid, and was none the wiser. I couldn’t lie. I told her what had happened after I ordered the second dispenser. Her response, “Oh, don’t worry about it. I break the lids all the time. Just put a plate over the top and decorate it with some lemons”. So the second dispenser arrived. It is still in its box. The event was cancelled 2 days before it arrived. Like Ally’s House I’ll use it, or gift it, or donate it for a raffle. Maybe I’ll fill it with something potent at our holiday open house.

In the meantime I see that all of the dispensers now have screw-on metal lids. Smart move.

Every Day Is A Good Day – VJ

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