Color Trends 2016

Behr Paints sent me an email today to introduce the color trends for Fall 2015. I looked.  Behr claims “As the hypnotic draw of technology lures the masses into an ever plugged-in existence, a need for analog experiences and environmental stimulation drives us to engage the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch in our homes. This new direction in design is raising the bar to create interiors that are appealing to a design-savvy, yet sensory-deprived society.” Enough!

For the record I can tell you that I plan on being woefully untrendy at my house. I’m old enough that I’ve been through this trend of multiple intense colors in one room or a limited neutral color pallet but with tons of accessories in the past. I didn’t care for it then and I have not come to love it over the years.

I like color, even bright colors. In a southwest motif the intense red and the vivid turquoise are perfect accents for whitewashed adobe, sand, and rocks. Add in coral, black, and copper and a headache develops. My kitchen is deep red cabinets with white ceramic tile and a band of mottled grey glass tile in the middle of the black splash to coordinate with the stainless steel appliances. The valance over the sink is red on white toile. But were I to be trendy, according to Behr, I would delete red – it isn’t on the pallet at all. The displayed Behr dining room photo on their website features walls in Black Pearl, drapes in Galapagos, otherwise known as deep turquoise, lamps in Emperor’s Silk which is a deep teal, a white table with bright yellow chairs of Canary Diamond, and accents here and there in deep pink Pagoda. I think my brain would be so busy trying to make sense of it all that I’d be confused and exhausted. What do you think?

I looked at the neutrals too – shades of white, grey, and beige – also known as Symphony Gold, Ivory Keys, Mauve Melody, Bowstring, and Opus. To me a neutral pallet is meant to be calming or set up to focus on one large or signature item in a room. The sample room has more details, décor, shelf items, doo-dads, and other add-ins than you can imagine. Very busy. Not my style. Yours?

I wonder how they develop the names. In addition to those above, the trends include Penthouse View and Opus. Do either of these names give any hint as to where on a color wheel it might reside? Fifth Olive-nue and Modern Mint give us an idea, but based on the colors shown Celadon is totally different than I thought it was. I looked it up though and there is a wide range of colors within the celadon range. Oh well.

I don’t know who comes up with these decisions as to which colors or combinations of colors are going to be the colors for the current trend. Sometimes I think they are a bit color blind or perhaps mis-mixed a few million gallons of paint so they find a way to market whatever the resulting mixture is called. Maybe they are bored and come up with something they think is a bit absurd and get a kick out of thinking of decorators and us non-decorators alike running about trying to make all these colors work.

I like my house as it is. Maybe I’ll pay homage to the trends with just 1 or 2 bright objects in a couple of rooms. That’s it. What about you?

Every Day Is A Good Day. VJ

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