Dear %^#*!# GPS

For your information GPS there is more than one Forest Lawn Cemetery in this area. Apparently you have not been informed of this fact. Your lack of listings got me in a lot of trouble with my hubby Thursday. That I DO NOT NEED!

We left home at 5:20 p.m. We planned on leaving at 5 p.m., but that is a different blog. We were due at 6300 Forest Lawn Drive at 6:30 to hear a speaker talk about his experience driving LSTs in WWII. I know where Forest Lawn is located. In the 1950s and early 1960s, when family visited from Mississippi, Louisiana or Tennessee, Forest Lawn was on the list of “must see” places. Wee Kirk O’ The Heather, the incredibly large painting of the Crucifixion, the stained glass of the Last Supper where Judas’ figure kept cracking when the glass was being fired – I knew them all.

In the car I take a GPS shortcut. Instead of putting in the full address I type in F-O-R-E-S-T L-A-W-N. Three hits come up, each 19 miles away. The next hit is 87 miles away. 19 must be the correct location. From Whittier to the other side of downtown Los Angeles, in rush hour traffic.

We plod along, check in with our host who says they will be starting 15 minutes late because so many have called to say they are going to be late, and follow directions. We manage to slog through downtown L.A. at a decent speed, make the correct lane changes, and at 6:30 p.m. drive through the tall gates of Forest Lawn.

We look at signs. No Hall of Liberty. We call our host who tells us to go to the top and look for the spire and statues. We find David (ahhhhhhh), but no Hall of Liberty. This is a big place, but we drive up the hill as directed, look for spires and statues and a fence. We call again. We check the GPS and look more closely. This is NOT 6300 Forest Lawn Drive! What???? How can that be?

This is the embarrassing part. I know Los Angeles and Glendale share a border, and that Forest Lawn Glendale is on a hillside. I know there is a Forest Lawn adjacent to the 5 Freeway, past Griffith Park and Mount Sinai Cemetery. I just didn’t realize that they were two separate locations. Honest! I thought that it was the same place with two separate entrances. What a dunce!

We put 6300 Forest Lawn Drive into the GPS. It takes us out of the cemetery and gives us directions for a few miles away. To be on the safe side Hubby stops at the Forest Lawn office and is given a glossy map and directions of how to get from where we were to where we need to be. Apparently we are not the only people who have had this challenge.

We get to the new location in 10 minutes, see signage right away, find the Hall of Liberty easily, tiptoe in to the program already in process, and take our seats. It is a good program. We leave in the dark wary of creatures who may have come down from the barren hillside in the dark and make our way down the hill, into Burbank. We soothe our nerves at the Bob’s Big Boy on Riverside. I think I spot Ariana Grande as I am leaving.

The next day I check the GPS. It still gives me 3 hits for Forest Lawn, all saying 19 miles (what a joke) and they are all for the same address in Glendale. None of this would have happened if I had simply entered the street address. Note to Forest Lawn Cypress, Covina, Long Beach, Hollywood Hills and other locations. You must be undercover ; > )). The GPS doesn’t know you exist.

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