What Happened To Light Bulbs?

There was a time, long, long ago, in my childhood, when light bulbs were a simple matter. Light bulbs for home came in a short list of wattages: 5, 15, 25, 40, 60, 75, 100, 150.  You  might keep an extra bulb or two on hand, in an old shoebox, and that was plenty of space for storage.  There was a light in the ceiling, and maybe 1 or 2 lamps in a room.  Light bulb went out, you put in a new one, and that was it.  But, as I said, that was LONG ago.

Now, most of us need a mini Home Depot in a storage closet. All of the above wattages are needed for the older lamps in the house, with bulbs that now come in regular, soft, and clear, along with multi-watt three-way bulbs.  Many of us no longer have fluorescent lights in the kitchen, but may have them somewhere else.  For those you need to know wattage and length.  Now we have lamp and fixture bulbs in regular, long lasting, small base, large base, spiral, snap in, plug in, screw in, clear, frosted, soft light, cool light, waterproof for the bathroom,  13 watt required for the lamp from China for which only an 14 watt is available here, spot lights, flood lights, and many more.  There isn’t just a simple display of light bulbs, there is a whole aisle.  Light.  I just need light. Why do I begin to feel as though I need to call an Electrical Engineer at DWP and ask for a consult before buying a light bulb.

Along will all these choices goes the new process of disposing of a burned out light bulb. Old days – toss in trash (or save for craft projects).  Now – put it in a hazardous waste bag and hold for special electronic waste disposal events in your community, being sure the bag doesn’t fall over and something hazardous breaks.

It makes you want to go back to candles! .  .  . . No, they’ve gotten complicated too.  No scent, scent, wax, soy, votive, pillar, heated scented meltys, and on and on.

Light. That is all I need.  Simple electric lights.

How about you? How big is your light bulb storage box?

Every Day Is A Good Day.  Vj

3 thoughts on “What Happened To Light Bulbs?

  1. My light bulb supply is not that big. I wait until it gets too dark and then go get what I need. As for things that have gotten more complicated over time, coffee and tennis shoes/sneakers come to mind.


  2. We laughed a couple of years ago at the guy who went out and bought 3,000 of the old light bulbs before they were phased out……kind of wish we had our own stock…
    we started dating the bulbs that are “7 yr” and have been lucky to get 1-2 years out of them..I guess they last if you only use them for 1/2 hour a day…


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